Paige grew up in Colorado and really enjoys the outdoors and beautiful views. She wants those in her chair to be able to love who they see when looking in the mirror expressing themselves from the inside out. Creative customized cuts and color. For example- shags, mullets, pixies, vibrant colors, blonding, deep reds and purples etc. are some of her favorite things to create behind the chair.
Paige embodies a happy heart going into this apprenticeship and is very excited for this journey. Continuing education is very important to her. She hopes clients will be able to feel heard, seen, and understood with their needs. Paige provides a listening ear and loves to help guests feel relaxed and cared for. Connection is important to Paige in addition to helping those feel beautiful inside and out through expression, creativity, communication, and passion. With a long time love for hair, Paige is excited to be able to do it as a career. She looks forward to being able to connect with new people in her chair.


HOBBIES:Skateboarding, Film Photography, thrifting, Live music, Arts & crafts

FAVORITE QUOTE: “This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before.” – Maya Angelou