Aveda Logo - Zinke Hair is proud to be an Aveda Salon

We couldn’t imagine a better partner than Aveda. Founded in 1978 with a mission of care for people and the planet, Aveda was way ahead of its time and continues to be entirely relevant to today. The wellbeing of animals, people and the planet guide Avedas ingredient selection and sourcing practices. All products are 100% vegan and the suppliers are held to social, ethical and environmental metrics. The sourcing communities benefit from meaningful, on-the-ground programs that protect and enhance their environmental and social ecosystems.

Here are just a few ways Aveda makes the world a better place:

  • Aveda is committed to using organic and natural ingredients sourced from around the world that are 100% vegan.


  • Aveda creates value for farmers and harvesters by paying a fair price for their products.


  • Aveda was the first beauty company to rely solely on wind-generated power.


  • Aveda is a Certified B Corporation.


  • Aveda is the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET in
    a product package. Today, 95% of PET bottles and jars contain 100% post-consumer recycled resin
    and more than 80% of our HDPE bottles are minimum of 80% PCR resin.