Jolene Zinke spent her former career as an event planner for a large catering company in Denver. Her weekends were taken up with lavish weddings, bah mitzvahs, and corporate parties all over town. With a background in this field, Jolene has an eye for making things look beautiful, and top notch organizational skills.

In 2011, she was ready for something new and decided to partner with her oldest daughter to begin a new journey in opening Zinke Hair Studio. Now 11 years in and with two locations, Jolene loves working with Aveda and considers them to be an amazing salon partner.  Zinke Hair Studio has been nominated as a top salon in the country nine times by Salon Today Magazine.

There has never been a dull moment in this journey for Jolene. She runs business operations and loves attending yearly conferences and Aveda events where learning never ends.

Currently Jolene resides in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL working away in Zinke’s newest location. When she is not seen in the salon or cranking away in her office, Jolene loves to spend time with her granddaughters, travel, and work in her garden.

INTERESTS: yoga, gardening, travel,

FAVORITE QUOTE: “With love and patience, nothing is impossible.” – Daisaku Ikeda