Grey Blending

  • Express Grey Blending add-on $40

    A 5-minute grey blending service performed during your shampoo

Come de-stress and leave looking your natural best with our blending service. those not wanting to commit fully to hair color, we have the perfect option for you.  Aveda created a blending color that will do just that blend what you have with haircolor.  If you have greys and don’t necessarily want to cover all of them, a blending color will partially cover  leaving you with a less grey and very natural look.  This service takes an extra 5 minutes and is the perfect add on to a haircut. Our Natural grey blending color is 95% naturally derived. Infused with an awesome plant oil blend, this color blends grey for a more youthful look. Customized for every shade of grey, this service leaves the hair looking natural with little maintenance required.