Balayage pronounced “Baa lee ahge” is a very popular hair coloring technique done by free hand painting lightener on the hair.  This technique gives a “I’ve been at the beach” look that is easy to maintain and gorgeous on all hair colors.  It has been ever so popular on the red carpet and here to stay.  Our stylists love the customization that comes along with this technique.


blonde balayageBalayage is a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. Unlike traditional highlights done in foils, balayage is usually applied by free hand painting lightener along the hair. This technique gives the hair a sun-kissed look similar to what nature gives us as children. Stylists enjoy creating balayage because it allows for complete customization in picking up the pieces that they want to lighten.  Traditional highlights use foils that are applied in a pattern which is great for achieving overall brightness but not as customizable.  Balayage can be done on all different colors to add soft sun-kissed dimension. Unlike traditional foils, Balayage usually begins away from the root and gradually gets lighter towards the hair’s ends. A bonus for balayage is it’s low maintenance nature.  Guests can usually go a little longer between appointments as traditional balayage shows more of the root.  When this blended look grows out, there will not be harsh or obvious regrowth lines.  With new techniques coming out all the time, our stylists stay up to date with the ever evolving balayage trend.

Balayage hairBalayage which means to sweep is a highlighting technique where Ombre which means “shaded” or “shading”is a look that gives you a drastic fade from dark roots to gradually lighter hair through the middle to very light ends. Sombre is the term used for a softer more subtle ombre color. The lighter sections in sombre start higher, giving you a more blended, gradual fade.  In a balayage, not all of the hairs ends will be affected, but an ombre/sombre affects all the hair’s ends. All looks are great for using your natural root color.  With a natural root, you do not have to maintain regrowth as often. We’ve seen pixies, short textured bobs and long luxurious waves show off all 3 customized hair coloring techniques which can all be done in a variety of colors.  These techniques can also be combined which can be very beautiful.

Balayage hairBalayage is more expensive than highlights for a few reasons.  First, this technique can take longer as the stylist completely customizes where the light pieces should fall and hand paints those.  Once in, a balayage color  is much easier to maintain. The soft painted pieces of a balayage application grow out without a line of demarcation unlike traditional foils.  Balayage can last up to 6 months and for this convenience, it does cost a bit more.  Once someone has balayage color, they may be able to come in between getting the whole balayage color done again and just brighten up the front face framed pieces; this can be less expensive than foils and quick.  All balayage looks are customizable and it is best to talk with your stylist about the plan that is right for your hair.