All Over Color

An all over color is just that “color over the whole head”. This one dimensional color application commonly known as a “single process hair color,” is a quick application done using a bowl and brush or a bottle. Unless someone’s hair has never been colored before, this application can only keep hair at its current color or take the hair darker. There are different options for those who desire an all over color look: permanent and demi permanent color. The difference in the two is that permanent color has ammonia and lasts much longer on the hair whereas a demi permanent color does not have ammonia and fades out quicker. If someone is committed to a color, permanent is the best option but it will leave a line of demarcation once the hair grows. We suggest demi hair color to anyone who is not ready to fully commit to a color change because there will be no line of demarcation and the color will fade out quicker. An all over color applied with the demi-permanent color line will provide changes in the tonal hue of your hair for about 24 washes. (Meaning, the less often you shampoo, the longer it lasts.) We suggest demi hair color to anyone who is not ready to fully commit to a color change.

Color Retouch

Nobody likes seeing roots when their color grows out, This is why a color retouch is a great option for a quick touch up. For those with an all over color look, they can spare the ends by just getting the roots colored. If someone has a highlighted look, their roots would need to be foiled to maintain their look. Retouches are for all over color guests wanting to maintain a seamless solid look.