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New Talent Stylist

Walid is originally from Lebanon yet immigrated from England to the United States. He came to America with one goal in mind: to become a hair artist.  After receiving his license in Virginia, life brought him to a few other states eventually landing him in Colorado.  In Missouri, Walid was able to experience working at an Aveda salon and really enjoyed the experience. With a love like no other to learn and perfect skills behind the chair, Zinke was a perfect fit for him to continue pushing forward. With a passion and drive to be a platform artist one day, Walid takes advantage of any education opportunity that he possibly can.  Attending seminars with industry stars inspires Walid to pursue his dreams of becoming well known in the hair world inspiring others with creativity and imagination. He looks up to and has trained with Sam Villa, Martin Parson, Philip Wolf, Matt Beck and Alfredo Louis.  Attending international beauty shows also motivates Walid.  He has attended IBS New York, Fashion Focus DC, and Orlando Premier.  Although he has only been in the beauty industry for a short time, he already has a huge youtube following where he educates thousands of fans all over the world on hair cutting and colors.  We are thrilled to have Walid on our team.  His positive, cheery attitude uplifts anyone around him and his love for hair is undeniable.

HOBBIES: Photography, traveling, going to the gym

FAVORITE QUOTE: “You will never have this day again so make it count.”