Level 7 Stylist/Styling Educator

Jacqueline was born in Minnesota but has been in Colorado since the age of 4. After graduating from the Aveda Institute in Denver, she knew she wanted to stay with the Aveda Network and be in Boulder. Doing hair comes natural to this girl and she continues to grow as a stylist. She is going on 6 years with our company and we are so fortunate to have her talents and sweet soul in our space.

When Jacqueline is not styling hair you can find her star gazing, hanging with her husband and their new baby, working on home projects, baking and playing with her dogs. Come sit in her chair, we promise her happy spirit will make your day.

INTERESTS: reading, musicals, dogs, stars.

REVIEW: Jacqueline is a gem. She is as sweet, attentive, and careful as could be. She’s been cutting my hair since last spring and it has become a regular occurrence that strangers walk up to me (even in parking lots) to tell me they love my hair.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Our lives are defined by opportunities. Even the ones we miss.” F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Boulder Hair Stylist Aveda