Hair Extensions

Consultation required.

Hair extensions can give you beautiful, long hair or can be used in smaller sections to help you achieve your ideal style. Some people have an area on their head where they need to fill hair in to make their overall look fuller. Extensions can do just that and more. They’re nearly undetectable in the hair and more affordable than you think. Over the years, hair extensions have improved in quality and safety. Professional hair extensions are now more popular than ever, in fact many celebrities you see on the red carpet are wearing them. For years, most people feared damaging their hair with extensions but now there are perfectly safe methods of attachment. Hair extensions are not only a way to add length, but also volume, texture and color. We offer Halocouture hair extensions, SO.CAP, Laced and Bella Mi because they all offer exceptional quality with state-of-the-art technology.

Halocouture offers tape in extensions and the Original Halo which will transform your hair in a matter of seconds, is undetectable and non-damaging. SO.CAP Extensions use 100% natural hair from India with an application based on fusion techniques. Laced Beaded weft extensions are the most comfortable and natural looking extension method on the market. Small silicone lined beads are used to attach a string to the head. Wefts of Laced Hand Tied Hair are then sewn to the string. This method has no sticky tape or glue. The extensions are almost impossible to see and the hair can be worn in any style, including high ponytails. For more information, we recommend booking a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists by giving us a call.


There are so many things to know when committing to getting hair extensions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Yes, our extensions specialists are trained to properly place the hair so that you can easily pull up your hair.

This varies depending on the method.  We find that taped in extensions and Laced need to be adjusted every 6-8 weeks. Socap bonded extensions can last 3-6 months depending on how fast the hair grows.

Yes, but to avoid tangling, we recommend pulling the hair up during your workout.

We recommend using a wet brush or paddle brush.  For tape in extensions, you will want to avoid the taped area with the brush.

When done by a professional, extensions should not be noticeable.  We do find that a bonded method like socap extensions or a hand tied method like Laced extensions are less noticeable than tape ins.

We recommend using a silk pillow and loosely braiding your hair before bed.

We recommend avoiding products with alcohol, oil, sulfates or parabens.

It is best to brush your hair before washing.  When shampooing, avoid rubbing the ends of the hair together.  Use a good conditioner, but avoid getting it on the bond or tape of the hair extensions.

Yes, with proper care and a good heat protectant you can heat style your extensions.