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Global Keratin (GK) Hair Treatments

Gk Hair Straightening $250+
Gk Fast Blowout $30

What does a Keratin treatment do to your hair?

Similar to a Brazilian Blowout, we use a product called GK which stands for Global Keratin. This service will speed up your styling routine and treat hair damage. The GK hair Resistant formula restores and protects, maintaining hair’s natural properties by creating a shield over each strand and restoring it from the inside out. Your hair will be protected against harmful UV rays, pollutants, chemical treatments and the rigors of daily shampooing and styling. All hair types can benefit from this treatment which will reduce frizz, reduce curls and add shine. Unlike some keratins, GK is free of harsh chemicals and fumes (formaldehyde free), lasts up to 5 months and delivers awesome shine. The GK Resistant formula can be applied on hair that has been colored, lightened, straightened with a Japanese straightener and relaxed. A quick version of the GK service is also available that cuts blow-dry time by 50%, smoothes and tames hair, prevents breakage and lasts 6-8 washes.

How long does it take to get a Keratin treatment done?

Getting a GK treatment can take 1.5 to 2 hours depending on a person’s length and amount of hair. If you do color your hair, it is recommended to get the GK after your hair color service. We do offer a quick alternative to the GK which is called a GK fast dry. This can be added on to your haircut or hair color service as it only requires us to spray a product into the hair, dry it and quickly flat iron. Although the fast dry only lasts for 10 washes, it is quick and also a great way to explore the benefits of GK before getting the big service done.

How do you maintain a Keratin treatment?

We have two types of GK treatments. If getting The Best done, you can leave the salon and go about your normal routine. If you are getting a GK fast dry or the GK for resistant or curly hair, you will need to wait 48 hours to wash. Avoiding pony tails and touching the hair during those 48 hours is also very important. If your hair happens to get wet, you can blowdry it and pass a flatiron on the hair. With the GK for resistant hair and GK for curly hair, it is best to just let it be, and you will have better results. Using the GK shampoo and conditioner is also very important, as it is formulated for the treatment. We can not guarantee lasting results without these products. The fast dry lasts up to 10 washes and the other treatments can last up to 5 months, depending on how often one shampoos and their hair. We have found the more you do this treatment, the better the results.