Level 2 Stylist

Giselle comes to us from a small town in Texas. She moved to Denver for self growth and something new. Growing up, Giselle always had such a huge love and appreciation for all things hair and makeup. She saw how powerful it was and how it could transform people. Watching everything come to life on a person and how much life it could give someone inspired Giselle to be a hairstylist. She wanted to change people’s lives and help make them feel beautiful.

Finding Aveda has helped Giselle learn so many ways in which she can give back to the world and her community. Joining the Zinke team has been exciting for Giselle as she loves education and has advanced her craft in our in house education program.

Giselle loves to color hair. Balayage is one of her favorites because of the the versatility of the look and technique.  With so many ways to apply the color such as painting, foiling and teasing, Giselle has fun customizing the look for each guest.  Balayage can be soft and pretty, or dramatic and bold. Each application is so individual and the grow out is great. Aside from creating beautiful and natural looking balayages, Giselle also loves working with vivid colors.  These bright hair colors can give someone that wild and free feeling.  She feels that her inner picasso comes out when creating funky fun colors.

Giselle also loves to cut and style hair.  One of her favorite haircuts currently is a lob.  If you ask her, she would say lobs are the cutest haircut period.  This style of cut is trendy year round.  Giselle loves to cut texture and piecy dimension into her lobs to give that extra pop. From cute messy fishtail braids to a glamorous loose wave, Giselle loves making people feel beautiful and polished.

When Giselle is not behind the chair, you can find her hanging out with her friends and family and learning new things about photography.

HOBBIES: Photography, house music, hanging with friends and family

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I belong deeply to myself.” – Warsan Shire

Denver Hair Stylist