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Denver Aveda Master Jam

Denver Aveda Master Jam ~ The Unbuttoned Tour 2017

Our lead stylist Missi Paris and new assistant Autumn Mikrut (still an Aveda student at the time)  were picked to showcase their talents and techniques in the first Denver Aveda Master Jam “The Unbuttoned Tour.” This multi-city event showcased the creativity of the Aveda network, where local artistry and learning was honored and celebrated. Local Aveda artists were encouraged to jump into the spotlight, sharing their passion and technical expertise with the Aveda family.

Here is what Missi shared about her experience at the Denver Aveda Master Jam: “This was an amazing opportunity to share my love for creative hair with other local stylists. There are some truly talented individuals all over Colorado and we all bring something unique to the game. This event showcased all of that talent in once place. The day of prep was racing by and we were all so excited to feature what we love to do on stage. The vibe backstage was such a positive artistic buzz. There were a few nerves right before going on but once I was up on stage, the energy from the crowd felt incredible and I had a blast! I was so thankful my Zinke team was front row cheering me on!” Style inspiration: Summer festival hair “I absolutely love how creative people are with costume making for music festivals these days. It’s a true expression of one’s wild and free spirit. I’ve seen all kinds of mixed mediums being used to achieve vibrant looks of art and It seems that every year people are pushing the limits of their artistic abilities. That mentality inspires me to the fullest!” ” I wanted my model to be dressed in white because I was inspired by beautiful pictures of people attending the annual Burning man festival. They look almost goddess like in in the dusty desert. Also, since this was an event for hair stylists I knew my model would surely stand out in a sea of hairstylists dressed in their usually all black attire.  How I achieved my look: 1. Of course, my model was prepped with Aveda hair color. We did a full blonde balayage highlight with a golden beige base color. 2. I did a voluminous blow dry using Aveda’s Volumizing tonic at the roots, then Thickening tonic and Phomollient through the rest of the hair. 3. After the blowout, I used my favorite braiding technique called a “rope braid”. I did multiple rope braids and even went a step further by wrapping the hair with different colored ribbons and tulle. Next, I sprayed in Aveda’s texture tonic to create a beachy sea salt grip on the hair. I then pulled apart the braids to create even more texture. 4. I finished the look by pinning the different braids together and settings it with Air Control hairspray. ” Follow more of Missi’s creative looks on Instagram @Hairlove_byMissi and for more on Missi click here.

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Missi at Denver Aveda Master Jam

Autumn Mikrut, Aveda Jam, Model

Autumn at Denver Aveda Master Jam

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Missi’s Model at Denver Aveda Master Jam


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